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The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club

Be inspired and encouraged to unlock your inner potential!

You will leave feeling EMPOWERED, ENTHUSED and EXHILIRATED!

WHAT the course entails

Scavenger Hunts

Specifically designed by and exclusive to Glo-Fest, scavenger hunts that will seek out each participants individual strength within the team to solve the riddles, read the maps and find the hidden rewards!

Team Building Games

Encouraging leadership and teamwork, we have created a number of games and challenges from designing and building the 'tallest tower' to the 'egg drop challenge'.

Secret Missions

Designated tasks deliberately created to teach individuals that whatever may be 'going on' in their head, whether it be feeling sad or 'out of sorts', in fact no one else can see these feelings that they may be experiencing.


A few classic games of 'werewolves' (think BBC's Traitors). This is a classic 'old school' game of communication, deception and survival! Can you survive a night in the village? Wll the werewolves prevail or can the villagers seek them out before it is to late?

Epic Quests

Navigate a drone from the sky as you guide your team from check point to check point. Can you beat the clock?

Outdoor Games and Challenges

A huge selection of outdoor games that encourage teamwork, leadership skills and build resilience. Including but not limited to - Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Base Battle, Glo-Zone and Handball.

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Plus Many more...


Also... You are warmly invited to our Final Day - Video Presentation, where you will see what the participants have been up to throughout the week, 'Tree of Growth' (Participants own views and acheivements) as well as a chance to see our Murial.


WEEK 1 - 29th JULY - 2nd AUGUST
              WEEK 2 -   5th AUGUST - 9th AUGUST
              WEEK 3 - 12th AUGUST - 16th AUGUST

TIMES - 9-3pm
(Wrap around care available - 8am-4pm)

COST? -  £30/DAY - BOOK 5 DAYS @ JUST £25/DAY!

The Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme


We are delighted to be providers of the Holidays and Food Activities Programme (HAF)

Please click on the HAF logo (above) for further information and guidance how to claim.

Glo-Fest - A Festival of Talent

WHY choose us?

We believe every individual has the capacity and capability to achieve their dreams. This course is specifically designed to Encourage, Champion and Explore each individuals strengths and accept their imperfections. By creating a programme full of challenges, games and missions, our aim is to expand their comfort zone whilst building character all within a safe and controlled environment.

We're not just going to talk about it. We're going to DO IT!

  • Realign Failure - Failure is not the end of the road. In fact it is an opportunity to learn and better yourself. Many young people can see failing as a devastating blow and not attempt a task again. We intend to turn that on it's head and encourage failure, to enable us to show it for what it is - a chance to reassess, learn and come back even stronger next time.
  • No one or nothing is ever 'perfect' - Often, young people will not attempt a task unless they think they will make a 'perfect job of it'. On many occassions, this will stop them from even attempting the task in the first place for fear of not being good enough or obsessing over small details that don't matter. I am afraid we have some bad news! There is no such thing as perfection! It is only ever in the eye of the beholder. One persons perfect is another ones, well... not perfect! We encourage participants to try their best and accept that that is enough. Slowly, this will build confidence as they recognise the small steps acheived.
  • Expand Comfort Zone - Through encouragement and 'scaffolding' we intend to gently push each individual slightly beyond their comfort zone. All undertaken within a controlled and nurturing environment, our intention is to demonstrate that by having the courage to push themselves, they will grow as an individual, reduce their own limiting beliefs whilst realising their own inner potential.
  • Teamwork - By working as an individual within a team, our intention is to demonstrate that by pooling their skills together, even the toughest of tasks can be overcome.
  • Reslience - We encourage each individual to push themselves, with gentle encouragement from staff to get them through some of the tougher tasks. At the end of each day, we will review the day and look back at the small wins they have acheived. By reveiwing and noticing their acheivements, our intention is to show them that they pushed through, despite the challenges.

HOW are we going to do it?

Through 'Deliberate Play' - Structured activity that is designed to make skill development enjoyable. It is structured for mastery along with recreation.  

'Scaffolding' - a method in which we are a temporary structure - being there to lean on whilst we gently encourage, educate and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

Peace of Mind -  
  • DBS Checked                                                         
  • Fully Insured                                                                    
  • Life Coach Certified 

 Demonstrating Excellence -    

  • First Aid Trained
  • Level 2 Qualified
  • Safeguarding Trained                                                                                                             

Glo-Fest - A Festival of Talent


  • Glo-Kids Parties
    Glo-Kids were AMAZING!!!! from start to finish they kept the kids entertained! With lots of different games, activities and dances. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a stress free party. Lots of prizes throughout and all the songs we requested played. Thank you so much!! We look forward to partying again with Glo next year

    Maria - Stratford
  • Glo-Babies
    Had a brilliant time at Glo Babies this morning, our little boy had the most amazing time. He was mesmerized by the bright lights. He was jumping with joy (literally). Myself and partner were so happy to see how much he loved it.. we will definitely be back

  • Glo-Babies
    Your passion, enthusiasm and kindness made us feel welcome from day one. Every session is full of fun and Darcie loves coming. She gets excited as soon as she sees the door and doesn't want to leave at the end.

    You have given myself and Darcie the chance to spend quality time bonding doing something she loves, which is so important as a new, first time mum. We really have loved glowing with you and wish you the best of luck for the future.

    Darcie and Beth - Glo-Babies mum and daughter
  • Glo-DJ
    Thank you Sam for entertaining around 30 kids at our daughters 10th birthday party. It was hosted much like a leavers disco for this older group of kids and they had a blast! Great tunes, fun games and lots of dancing. Nothing was too much trouble for Sam and he was more than happy to MC parts of the party for us. A big thank you from Bethany, Vaani and Isabelle for helping to make their party one to remember.




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